Lets talk about balance…. because I think it’s vital for a healthy life. I think people have their own opinions on the definition of balance. For some, it’s one “cheat meal” a week, others its a bite of dark chocolate every night, and some go as long as they possibly can with eating strictly healthy until Sunday nights where they say, “I’ll start eating healthy again Monday.” Do any of those sound familiar? My number one tip that has allowed me to have a healthy relationship with food and be happy with how i eat is to listen to your body!!! One more time for the people in the back: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It knows best! My account is all about healthy living and real food recipes. That’s what I’m passionate about, buuut I’m also passionate about dipping chick fil a french fries in their vanilla ice cream (or chick fil a sauce, can’t go wrong). I eat healthy 90% of my week. But treating yourself is all part of a healthy, ~balanced~ diet! Don’t deprive yourself.

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