Processed with VSCO with a6 presetAs someone who loves to write, I live for journaling. I love organizing my journals into different categories and can spend hours writing in them… if my hands didn’t get so sore! I’m sharing my current journals, pens, and highlighters that I’ve been loving! Hope you enjoy.



PENS I USE: $8.99

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Journaling Bible: $27.04

This single column journaling Bible is ideal for writing notes straight into your Bible. There are margins on the side of the page to let you write out your thoughts on a specific verse, a prayer request, love notes, or to doodle on! I personally like to use this Bible during sermons and personal time to add notes into. When I’m reading in my personal time, I have this Bible and a study Bible open to break down the text verse by verse! The pages are thin and ink does bleed through, so I use the lighter pastel pen colors when writing in this!


Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal: $15.00

I love this mini journal; you can literally start it at any time of the year. It asks you one question a day for 365 days and by the time you finish, you’ll have written in it for FIVE years. It shows your growth and development over the years; I started it in January of 2016 and am almost half way done! Some questions are silly, like, “what color are your socks?”, while others are more serious such as, “can people change?” It’s so cool to see how your answers change or stay constant year by year.

Poem Journal: a gift

I love writing poetry and having a journal dedicated to my poems keeps them all in one place. Maybe you like writing poems, songs, drawing, etc! I think having a creativity journal is a great idea to let out your artistic side!



Personal Journal: $8.99

I couldn’t find my exact journal on the Target website, but it was really ugly anyway so I covered it with stickers. This journal is definitely more so a “diary” where I write all my feelings, prayers, trials, struggles, and random stuff that went on during my day. I try to write in it every day, some weeks are more constant while others are not. I recommend a spiral notebook for this one because its easier to fold in half and write in while in bed, at school, anywhere! I start off every entry with a song that either relates to what I’m writing about or is stuck in my head; mainly worship lyrics! It’s a great outlet and awesome for self-reflection.

Husband Journal: $9.99

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. My youth leader did this for her now husband years before they even met. It’s a journal dedicated to the person you will one day marry. Write about yourself, things you wish you could share with them- you can literally make this anything you want. I write updates on life, family, school, song lyrics, and things I’m excited to do with him, like travel! Once it’s obvious who that person is, you can start writing in it specifcally to him! Then, give your husband this years-in-the-making gift once you’re married!


Prayer Journal: $15.00

Finally, my prayer journal. I bought this for the new year and have used it ever since. At the beginning of the month, you fill in lines with specific prayer requests under the category at hand. This specific journal offers three blank categories so you can add your own topics too! This is a great tool to keep your prayers organized in one spot and remind yourself what you need to bring before the Lord; and the aesthetic is supppeerrr cute. There’s also an answered prayers section for each month which is amazing to look back to and see how God moves mountains of all sizes all the time, even with our sometimes mustard seed size faith.



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