Grain Free Bone Broth Mac n’ Cheese

I wanted to start this off by saying I think I'm going to start writing smaller introductions to my recipes because if we're being honest, you're here for the food, not the blabber. Anyway, Vital Proteins Bone Broth Collagen is the perfect addition to mac and cheese because its packed with so many nutrients and … Continue reading Grain Free Bone Broth Mac n’ Cheese


17 things i learned at 17

pray out loud during worship. in october, i went to an event called revival LA where the speaker told us to pray out loud, and then simultaneously had the worship team start playing. i loved praise and worship time, but this took it to a completely different level for me. there something so special about … Continue reading 17 things i learned at 17

Love Notes

Love notes. God sends His children love notes of assurance and encouragement all the time. You might be thinking, “What’s a love note?” so I had a few of my closest friends define it in their own words: ”Things that happen in your life that relate to something you’ve been praying/thinking about and are too … Continue reading Love Notes

Delicious, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's the holiday season! Happy December, y'all! My friend made delicious Nestle chocolate chip cookies yesterday, so I was determined to come up with a healthy alternative to the refined sugar-filled cookies. Though I believe in a balanced lifestyle (definitely ate her cookies), the holiday's are filled with an excessive amout of refined sugar and … Continue reading Delicious, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies